The Company

Emac Group, was created with the idea of achieving a true synthesis of all the experience picked up by their members, as a partnership of specialized companies in the matter, which have been devoted for long time to the handling of collections in all their stages and more modern forms.

Emac Group is integrated up to now by professionals of wide trajectory in legal, administrative, financial issue and systems that were integrated to offer in the market a high quality service, non existent in the country, linked to the administration of collections and other management services, in all their matters.

The company staff has developed a very successful one operative of administration during the last twelve years and recovering doubtful bills, giving solutions in that sense to important companies of our country.

Emergence of the Project

As consequence of the practical observation about reality of the system of prevailing commercialization in Argentina, important and serious failures were detected as regards administration of delayed payments that harm the result of the same one in the companies and, in many cases they damage its patrimonies severely.

This first observation was the result of analysis of surveys made ad hoc, plus obtained historical information of our administration, what confirmed in a concrete way what it was detected in the practice and forced us to a permanent change in our control boards.

Starting from these elements we decided to create this project, in order to offer professional and reliable solutions to the enterprises, proposing them as central axis of the system, cutting off the existent distortions in the processes about collecting of payments and administration in the delays in such concepts that so much affects their economies and finances.

We trust fully to carry out it, with an accessible cost that will mean an important saving in connection with the different and grievous loads that it imposes the current system.

Communication and Technology

In Emac Group we privilege values like the quality of service and the permanent communication with our customers, those which have made and they make of our company one of the best positioned in the market.

So we have implemented the most advanced technology in computer science resources and telecommunications, what allows us to arrive with the precise information to our clients in any place of the country in an almost instantaneous way, as it allows us the client to be in contact in a real time and without inconveniences.

This is an important reason for our company, since we understand that the merge among the technological resources and the experience picked up in our activity, will redound undoubtedly in a benefit for our clients.